Heart of the Healer Articles

I wanted to make a sort of Playlist with all my articles. I post every Tuesday & Thursday, and if not, oh well. Ive been on my blog for over a year now and not only write about crochet, but share advice on Etsy, anime, and make up/clothing hauls. I have this idea to start a Youtube channel once I reach 100 followers here. Please let me know in the comments what you’d like me to share, and suggestions I’d like to hear!

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Amigurumi Projects & Crochet Apparel

Amigurumi Link, Cosplay Custom Order, The Legends of Zelda

League of Legends: Ahri Inspired Kitty Ear Warmers

Disne’s Stitch Amigurumi

Winnie The Pooh: Eeyore Amigurumi

Mermaid Tail Tutorial by Nadia

Pokemon Vaporeon Amigurumi

1x Free Pokeball Pattern

Downsizing & Holding On

EMaryshine Modeling

Pretty Pastels

Neptune’s Mermaid Crop Top

Rainbow Meadow Crop Top

Time, Where DId you Go?

I Spread My Wings And Flew Away

8 Household Items To Crochet

The Ballet Project Collection

Organic Alpaca Leg Warmers


sailor moon roses



Anime Character Spotlight

Sailor Moon

Space Dandy

Parasyte – Shinichi & Migi

25 Anime Questions

Blue Eyes White Dragon


Jeanne d’ arc

How to Play Magic The Gathering


Etsy Thoughts & Advice

Packaging My Etsy Items

How To Price Crochet

Choosing Your Business Name



Clothing Hauls

Etsy Finds- #1

My Depop

Drug Store Make Up Haul

My Stone Collection 2016

Summer Love – Pink Pleasure….Monthly Favorites


Healthy Self

2017 Goals

Productivity, Setting Achievable Goals

(a new series where I track my weight gain, share my healthy recipes, and post work out routines)

DIY’s & Travel

Sailor Moon Inspired Decor

Dyeing Fabric with Roses

dying fabric with avocado stones

DIY Avocado Vegan Face Mask

Travelouge #1 – New Orleans, LA


Raw Poetry & Sketches

Heartshaped Petals