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Welcome to my crochet blog! I’ve always created blogs, ever since I was little, and I’ve put off starting a crochet one. Here’s a place where my other crafty girlfriends can get together and find business advice, free patterns, and behind the scenes work. Here I’ll show my mistakes, lately, I’ve kept a black notebook of my business ventures. I’ll also be posting other inspiring fiber artists and seamstresses, as well as my attempts at DIY projects like electroforming geods or learning how to use a sewing machine. I’ve put this off for so long, thinking nobody needs to hear me jab about needlework, but I find myself loving the conversations with my new crochet friend, Shark. Inspired to pick up the hook again, she followed a youtube video on a snowflake. I think it took her several hours. I tried to remember what it was like when I first learned. How did I learn to hold the hook? I think I actually hold it incorrectly, as Shark tried to explain how she holds the yarn funny. I’ve been crocheting for many years, and I’ve always loved clusters of details in bead work, or embroidery. I’ve only recently started selling my craft, but crochet is hard to sell. Lots of hours are put into it. I’ve often asked myself, how much is my time worth? I always think of this scenario: someone dying who crochets, who may not have much time left, and someone who can’t work who must crochet for a living, what is your desired wage? What can you make that is worth buying? Who are you selling to?

I sold headbands, wristlets for various prices to coworkers and friends, and learned fast that i need to buy quality yarn, that you must KNOW your price, and that the market you are selling to is probably not your friends and coworkers. I’m still trying to figure out how to price my items. i heard that an affordable pricetag may indicate a cheaply handmade item. So i raised the prices on my ami pieces, mermaid tail, and am focused on baby items, and home decoration. I have this brilliant idea to combine my love for crochet, patchwork, and poetry but I need to make a few plans first.

Also, when you think about the hours put into crochet, it’s hours spent away from the people you love. Often, Anthony tries to ignore how I’ll put off the dishes and housework to work on projects. Or how we’re sitting together, and in my lap are two skeins of yarn. Sometimes he wants me to put it away for a bit and spend time with him. Its like my version of video games.

Last month, in December, i made enough money to get a bus ride to Florida and back to see my family. Now, I am trying to save up money to get my dog.

He probably has a good two years left. My mom said after Gigi died. My beloved dog belonged to her second litter. And it was really a surprise for my dog, because he didn’t know like the rest of us, that I was coming home for Christmas. It was so hard to leave.


I’m trying to cover pet bills and buy a safer, newer car. My car is falling apart, I swear, I think two rods hold that plastic cover to the wheels. I only use it to drive nothing more than a couple of miles to work. I’ve refrained from committing to a second job because my schedule at my other job isn’t flex.

Here’s where my budgeting skills and business perspective comes in. I want to add a new listing in my shop every 2 weeks, and take better quality pictures, and get my best friend/photographer in on this. I want to also start building an inventory, and plan to spend 4 hours a day 4 days out of the week, crocheting.

Not sure how often I will blog on here, but please like and follow if you are totally addicted to stitches, like me.