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franny me

I started these squares months ago, after seeing a pattern in Dutch for some coasters. I think these are the same as sunburst granny squares, but I’m not sure. They look very similar. This is more of a free form piece, the squares and stars slightly different sizes and none of them the same color. In the beginning, I wanted to make a medium sized tapestry, complete with these Dutch stars and I wanted to figure out how to do a sun. But several granny squares in, I didn’t want to do that any more. I wanted to make it something I could wear. Here are 8 Pictures That Prove How Versatile Granny Is.

  1. Paul McCartney – granny square vest

granny 1

2. scarf love

granny 3

3. Granny Square Hoodie, really wanted to do this but wasn’t sure how. someone said it was basicaly “one rectangle in the back, and two rectangle panels in the front, attached to a hood.

granny 4

4. Bet I’ll be doing this instead of crochet crop/halter tops. I don’t know I love them, but I can’t bring myself to show that much skin. Granny Square Halter Top❀

granny 5

5. Colorful Tote Bag

granny 7

6. For My Sexy Yoga & Hippie Chicks, this bolster

granny 9

7. And for the longest time, I was pinned on making me some comfy pajamas. Granny Square Pants

granny 8

8. Wanderlust Granny Square Dress

granny 2

For now, i guess it’ll be safe to say to just leave it as a small blanket. What do you think? Is it to late to change my mind?

What should I do with my granny square piece? Make a poncho? Make a pillow? A table runner? Feel free to share granny square pictures in the comments. I’d love to see what you like.