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I feel like im in a crochet block – I can’t decide what project to invest my time on. I want to create something that I can sell on etsy, but i can’t seem to think of something everyone likes. For now, I just wanted to focus on completing projects. And let me just say how much I appreciate free patterns! I felt like this helped me gain so much experience in AMI. All I had left was to sew the flames on, and embroider the eyes. TBH, i’m still not totally confident in chain stitch embroidery. I did my best though! I still have to do two black “flicks” for the nose, and i’m getting pipe cleaners for the flames to make them more spikey.

So, i finished Cyndaquil waiting for my package from Lion Brand to get here. I LOVE him, he is made of 100% cotton and just feels amazing.Here is the free pattern for this adorable starter pokemon, lots of love goes out to this crochet artist who posts her patterns – I mean, i can only imagine ALL that work put into writing it down and figuring it out.


Below him, in sea green and creme, is a baby boy blanket I’m working on.  This blanket will measure 24″ X 35″ when it’s finished. Can’t believe I’ve already spent 5 hours on it and I have so much farther to go.

bobble blanket

The Bobble  Stitch uses a lot of yarn!

I was cleaning out my jewelry boxes, making room for things I’ll love, when I found these sets of bangles that I wrapped in colorful embroidery thread, and attached charms to. I decided to make a dream catcher, inspired by this gift that a friend made me. I love gifts, especially when they’re handmade! I always feel so special.


I’ll share with you the process of the crochet dreamcatcher once I’m through, for my first draft I used yellow, orange, lavender, aqua, navy, and it came out pretty funky. I didn’t realize that the pattern I used for inspiration was going to be my first overlay project.

I thought I’ve done overlay before, or I at least had a vague idea of what it was. I noticed it a lot in my favorite mandalas, and the creator at my favorite etsy shop, Of Mars. What I had experience in was chain stitch embroidery.

So yeah, I didn’t know what I was getting into as I crochet the hoop, but I promise to show you in a post.