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The icy wind early in the morning only prompted me more to want to crochet a hoodie. I’ve never made one before. I found a video tutorial for the Cheshire Cat Hoodie, the  Free Written Pattern: http://yarnutopia.com/2015/11/03/hoodie/

I got the exact lion brand colors online at discount prices for $26.63. I spent several more dollars on the baby teal bernant at Walmart and the two new hooks. I was so excited to play with this jumbo hook!




I spent all day making it, and I have yet to do the ears, and I’m sad to say that it’s way too big. I knew I should’ve done it a lot smaller, I’m the size of an 8th grader. It feels like a big towel on top of my head. 😦 I’ll post pictures later, but I have work the next few days. I want to see if my non-hobit size friends fit the hoodie better, so I might bring it to work tomorrow.

Yes, it doesn’t fit how I wanted it to.

I like the elf-tassel look in the back, that angel, and it doesn’t happen for me. It covers up half my body, sadly, I didn’t forsee the weight of the bulky yarn bringing it down so much.

I’d like to try the hood again, but it’s too early to frog my newest creation. Perhaps someone that’s not 5 ft 3 inches would do better in this. I conjure up images of my larger, plump, gorgeous goddess bodies my friends possess and I this twig figure.