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I promise I’m totally not procrastinating.

This blush color yarn appears to be a failed knitted blanket. You can tell on the left end how it decreases? Got this for free so that’s a plus. I’m sure its a lot of yarn. Yay for re purposing!

I’ve spent 2 1/2 hours online, putting requests in Facebook groups, browsing etsy shops, and I also downloaded Instagram. I am also trying to scale down my closet and selling decent items that need some love in local groups. There was no motivation to pick up my hook, however, or tinker with my newest dream catcher design. I also lavished in my favorite music and just sat immersed in sound waves. I think this musical therapy is very good for one’s soul. It drastically changes signals in the brain to CHILL.

Right now, I’m focused on finishing projects. I have a camouflage and nautical style scarf lined up. My universe blanket and bobble stitch blanket folded to show off the lively colors until I got more yarn. There was also my memento scarf i needed to tuck away all the scraggly pieces. And then, there are a couple of drawstring bags I’ve been craving to add some bead work to.

As committed as I am to putting out my crochet photo props and AMI pieces, I don’t think I could supply enough crochet work for thousands in a short amount of time. I only put out projects I can finish rather quickly and for me, aren’t so difficult. I have been thinking about making a small ebook that teaches how to crochet in a compact and quick way. What do you think? Is the market for teaching too saturated? Is it pointless to teach, with the plethora of videos in reach via the web?

 ~ things i like to do when i don’t want to crochet

but my hands still need to keep busy ~

frog yarn – or recycle unused pieces,

inspiration board, sew in edges,

watch tutorials for new techniques,

gather experiences

I know, it sounds pretty ANTI-climatic saying I’m starting off the new year, finishing what I started last year. lol.

But I’m still on the quest for the right hood for me, and in the next few days will post my Spirit Bear Hood for sale. I have someone interested in buying it already.

I also wanted to share these two pieces of fabric I got when I ordered from Spliffany, shop owner of Clothed in Tatters. I actually knew her in high school, she’s a remarkably beautiful soul that will leave you oozing with love after your first impression. She sewn them to make small sacks for the stones and jewelry, which you should check out on her site. Beautiful jewelry. Just look. 🙂


I plan on using a simple applique technique using some iron-on and back stitching. I plan on making an elephant and putting it on a headband for my friend Peyton. Turns out elephants are both our favorite animal. And we’re both Scorpios.