I started with an ebay store 10 years ago, and worked full time besides, and took care of all of our farm animals as well.  Gradually I dropped hours at work, and after 4yrs working my ebay store, I was able to quit my job.  I also have two esty shops now too.  I never have a day off, and I’m serious.  I work from 12 to 24 hrs straight every day during the busy seasons.  When we go on vacation, I take my business with me and work every day.  There are good things about running these stores and negative things as well.  Not having time off is a bummer, making every decision regarding the businesses can be overwhelming.  The good things are that I don’t have to leave the farm to work, I can sleep odd hours, wear a nightgown all day, and not conform to a daily schedule.  For a break from the madness, my grown daughter (who also works her ebay and esty stores full time) and I work with food vendors at rock and bluegrass festivals from spring to late fall, traveling the east coast.  We are gone for 4 to 5 days at a time, and I still have to take my business with me, but it’s nice to just do what you’re told, make the tacos, take out the trash, blah blah.  Even though we can work 16hrs a day at these shows, my daughter and I consider it a vacation, lol.  We get to hear great music and have a chance to do something besides sitting in front of a computer.  My advice is to work hard as you can to get your store running so you can eventually quit working.  Self discipline is a must, especially working with ebay’s one day shipping rule.  Try to find ways of making your work easier and quicker.  Add products that take less time to make, and have more profit.  If something you’re doing isn’t working, find another way.  Try apps and things like Stamps.com, which has really saved time printing labels.  Always be looking for ways to improve. Don’t give up!  I’m happier these last few years since we added festival work, I can take my mind off things if even for a few days. 🙂  Can’t wait for the first festival of the year, I’ve got three scheduled for March, and we’ll be in FL and New Orleans soon!  Yay!