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Brought to you by the kind blogger at Over the Apple Tree, here’s a tutorial on the Frozen Crown and my project I’ll be making. I definitely recommend you read some of her previous posts, I’ve found such delicious content! Like a free pattern for Toothless! I remember when I waited tables at Denny’s, Let It  Go played every day and kids in the WHOLE restaurant, of ALL ages started singing. Definitely the most adorable thing to be apart of.


I also adored the movie and have two sister in-laws, age 4 and 7, who would LOVE this and the other Frozen inspired pattern.I’m using I Love This YARN! colors in turquoise and ivory.

I’ve used I love this yarn! before, and I’m in LOVE with their cotton brand; cotton is more expensive per yard though. I absoultely adore this yarn and the softness of it. Wait. Did I already say that? I find myself stroking it. Weird, huh? It’s good stuff.

I’m only charging $15 for the Frozen Inspired Braid. All my products come with free gifts, and everyone I’ve sold to so far outside my friend circle has been very pleased with my work. I’ve got so much positive feedback. I’ve spent many years crocheting so I’m glad I’ve finally taken my friends and family’s advice when they’d say “HEYY you should start selling this stuff!”

The 4 year old’s head circumference is 21 inches. The pattern for the crown is found on this blog here . As long as it measures 21 inches I’ll be okay, and the pattern states to chain multiples of 6. I started with ch 66 in the ivory yarn. The pattern was mega easy to follow, plus, the yarn was ahh mazing. I LOVE this yarn. Seriously.


And here’s the four year old wearing it (upside down) but she still loves it and wont take it off. This makes me soo happy! So cute!