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I’m always inspired by the sensual aspect of creating your own garments, altering your own favorite clothes to make them last, or adding details and texture. I’ve seen my friends get so creative! To me, it seems, like the seamstresses learned their craft from their mother or grandmother. Sewing is something passed down to daughters. My mom didn’t teach me how to sew though! There was something almost intimidating about learning to use a sewing machine. I am determined though to alter some garments this year and share those experiences with you.

Before I went shopping around, I asked if any one had a sewing machine lying around there house. My boss told me he had one that hadn’t been used in years, in his garage. “A classic Singer, the best sewing machines in the world!” And that maybe it’d work, he doesn’t know anything about that, it does need to be oiled though. “I hope you can make use out of it, sweetie.” My boss said as he gave me my tips for the end of the day. Does any one have experience with this sort of refurbishing?

I hadn’t looked at it until now, and I am definitely disheartened. i ponder if it’s too rusty where the needle goes to function right. And would the parts cost more than buying a new sewing machine? I went to Walmart and saw some for kids, and the cheapest machine around $70. oh! And that’s my kitty<3 Flounder’s like, “Uh, what are you doing?” But he likes the unexpected attention.


Please follow us if you’d like to join in on the creative fun. Posting the video below, i enjoy this channel but dang kinda a lot to take in!!