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I’m always inspired by the dream catchers that people make. Each one is not only unique, but it’s interesting to see what materials are being used, and all the styles. I don’t have a picture, but one time I saw a handmade dream catcher made from hemp, branches, coral, and white feathers. My mom still carries the one I made in 3rd grade out of a keyring, embroidery thread, and pony beads.

sammy dellagrosso

This beautiful dream catcher made by Dreamsters


More folk inspiration!

I didn’t have any current projects so I thought I’d try to crochet a dream catcher. Little did I know what I was getting into: my first overlay project.

I won’t pretend I knew beforehand what “crochet overlay” was. But, since I’m totally obsessed with crochet, my brain picked up patterns and textures and slowly I begin to recognize what “overlay” was, much in the same way I started to pick up how to read diagrams, or how someone “picks up a new language.”

In my eyes, overlay crochet is the technique where stitches are “stacked”, and adds dimension and “raises the surface” which is the only way i know how to word it. I noticed this technique when I wanted to make my own mandalas (which I’ll save for another post!) and then I found this tutorial and how to turn embroidery hoops into photo frames.

This was also my chance to use some scrap yarn. I took a bangle I had wrapped in purple embroidery thread (what am I talking about? –> here) and started to crochet with a tiny hook.


Those charms are for this ruffle dress I wore for my graduation, the summer I was so much in love and hurt at the same time, and that’s a cow bone. This will be available in my etsy shop soon<3

Lately, I’ve been dealing with a lot of body shaming issues and comparing my crochet work to the more successful crochet work in my fb groups. They say to borrow inspiration from other shops – see what they’re doing. Sometimes it’s painful how awful I’ll feel about myself and the way my crochet stuff looks when I see other beautiful crochet things. I have to remember to live in abundance, and that there is enough beauty to go around. Then it turns into a battle of raising my self-confidence levels. The hardest thing I heard this week was when my friend, the bartender with the dark full beard and blue eyes said “You know there’s nothing wrong with you, right?”

If you make a dreamcatcher, please share. I love seeing all the different personalities.