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Started my morning with layers and coffee☕ that’s my favorite cranberry headband and the handmade medicine statement necklace is made from tigers eye and raw arrowhead by Clothed In Tatters. Enjoying The Quilters Apprentice 📖and crocheting sheep. 🐑

I can really relate to the main character, Sarah. I’m also trying to find my place in the world.

I chose this excerpt because I thought about how it relates to having a handmade business and always the question “How much should I charge?”

Shelves stacked high with bolts of fabric, thread, notions, and other gadgets lined the walls and covered most of the floor. Celtic folk music played in the background. In the middle of the room, several women stood chatting and laughing around a large cutting table. One looked up from the conversation to smile at her, and Sarah smiled back. She made her way around the checkout counter to the front window and discovered that the quilt was even more beautiful up close. She tried to estimate how the quilt would fit in their bed.

I see our Lone Star charmed another new visitor inside,” a pleasant voice broke in on her thoughts. Sarah turned and found the woman who had smiled at her standing at her elbow. She looked to be in her mid-Fifties, with dark, close-Cropped hair, ruddy skin, and a friendly expression.

“Is that what it’s called, Lone star? Its beautiful.”
The woman casually brushed pieces of thread from her sleeves as she joined Sarah in admiring the quilt. “Oh yes, it’s lovely isn’t it? Wish I could take the credit, but one of our local quilt artists made it. It’s queen sized, entirely hand-quilted.”

“How much do you want for it?”

“Seven hundred and fifty dollars.”

“Thanks anyway,” Sarah said, not entirely able to keep the disappointment out of her voice.