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Have you guys been keeping a budget?

Here are some main points, if nothing has paid off yet:

  • record your every day expenditures – if you do not track your spending, a large sum of cash will quickly evaporate. You’ll have $120 and 2 days later have $35.
  • are you aligned with your goals – keep your 3 financial goals posted, I think this is the law of attraction method. Visualization is a powerful tool.
  • saving 10% – save! save! save! Take action, create the habit of putting money away each paycheck.

go to this link if you want to see How I Save Money:



I’m going to confess I haven’t been keeping track of my spending!

I tell myself that it’s perfectly acceptable to reward myself handsomely with timeless handmade jewelry by another etsy artist. (She’s now closed her shop and is in the process of launching a site.) My love said, “Find something cheaper.” when I mentioned it; I wasn’t trying to get permission; I wanted to find what he thought of me spending THAT much on earrings. That I felt like I had to own for my collection. I tell myself it’s always good to add to your collection.

I have started a new job, one that makes me much happier. Oh and I also made my sales, my first on etsy! I also spent a  couple hours cleaning up the apartment in detail, rearranging the furniture to increase the flow of energy, and opening all the windows to let the spring in. With the new job, and the new look of things, it’s definitely awakened my vitality.