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I think I’m going to start posting more posts. I was trying to keep it every Friday, but sometimes I’m itching to share my latest creative muses or my own endeavors. These past two weeks seems to be nothing but blankets – in particular, chevron afghans.

The chevron was the FIRST official thing I learned to do with a hook and yarn. I was sitting next to a lady at work who was making her future husband a king size blanket in his favorite hockey team colors.  I never finished mine, but I’ve used this as a lapghan. It’s stained from the sun from the times I’d abandoned it in my car. When we moved into that trailer park, I used the blue and pink throw to bring life into our living room. I remember the warm sunny mornings, the humidity, and Florida’s swamps with love. I would do anything right now to be there at the Springs. It was such a hard time, because its so hard to love someone that constantly condemns herself. How to love. The hardest lesson is to love someone, and to accept yourself. At least, That’s what it’s always been for me.

Now I was ready to make my own blanket and drape it over our new life.


On the loo o o o n ng bus trip to Florida this Christmas, I picked up the chevron to make a scarf. It’s my favorite scarf, I’ve worn it so many times, and the yarn is such good quality that I can easily clean it and it doesn’t fuzz up, it’s still so soft. I meant to sell it when I came back but I fell in love. The zig zags were memories.


I’ve decided to sell two lapghans: a Day Tripper Sunshine Yellow Granny Square Afghan & a Lemon & Creme Invites Spring Afghan. Available in my etsy shop for an unbeatable price. Take a look.<3


vintage finds

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And here is a recent custom made order. I felt awful that it didn’t get mailed sooner, but I work over 10 hours on the weekends and then I started a new job this last week. Also, it took so long because I used a single crochet stitch, the shortest in length. I should’ve went with my beloved half double crochet. But it’s okay. It’s incredibly soft and nicely handmade.

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