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Festival season is around the corner!!

A psychic side of life emerges, and suddenly my soul is full of movement. The theme this year is hard work and increased integrity, increased production, and a desire to sleep in a hammock, letting the fresh breeze soothe and caress me to sleep.  There is a lot of energy at my finger tips – I’m full of longing for that place I can just lay out and not be disturbed, fresh raspberry bushes grow as wild and thick as my hair, maybe I could reach up and pluck them into my mouth. Monarch butterflies bigger than my hands slowly clap their wings, after they’ve had a bit too much milkweed to drink.It’s that weird sensation something magnetic pulls at your center, and it’s change you’re drawn to.

Inspired by vanlife and other hallucinogenic personalities, I decided to crochet this electric daisy crop top.


Picture 4

This daisy crop top was inspired by a crochet lapghan I bought at a hippie store in Hayfork, California for .25 cents. (Maybe it was less than that.) I was freezing cold, 3,000 miles from home, looking for God, and I found this bright daisy afghan.  It barely covered all of me, but it did provide comfort, a little extra warmth. At one point, this was a work in progress in someone’s lap, and now it protected me from the cold and breathtakingly hypnotizing snow.

I’ll be making a few of these style crochet tops and adding them to my shop. I’ve got so many ideas! Like my facebook page and check out the crop top in fresh lavender and rainbow swirl. I haven’t decided yet how much I’ll price them, but I do fancy trades. I’m so excited for these wire wrapped stones I’m getting in exchange for a custom order.

Daisy Granny Square


with Yellow

Rnd 1: magic circle, single crochet 8 times in loop, slip stitch to join

with White

Rnd 2: cluster stitch in each chain around  for a total of 8 petals (cluster stitch: 4 double clusters, chain 2, cluster stitch in next chain)

with Pink

Rnd 3: chain 3, 2 double crochet in same space, ch3, 3 double crochet in same space, 3 half double crochet in next space. To complete the next corner, 3 double crochets in following space, chain 3, 3 double crochet in same space. Continue until you complete the square.


Rnd 4 is worked when you’re reading to join the granny squares.