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konstantin rasumov


purple lace



latte art


Practicing with itchy red heart yarn as I take on the crocodile stitch. Whose name I’m not fond of. I personally call it the “Terra cotta” stitch, because I can’t stop thinking about how much it looks like the Spanish house on Main Street with the beautiful orange doorway. (I always wonder who affords these mansions.) I love the geometric possibilities and the lush texture of this stitch. Anything with texture I’m completely obsessed with. I used the colors soft ivory and dark chocolate, but now I wish I had gone with dark chocolate and cappuccino. I have lots of pink and lavender color yarns which I’m dying to use, but I keep telling myself “Hold on, wait until you got a solid plan for that yarn.” I’m trying to push myself to finish the idea behind this, which I intended to make a bustle skirt of some sorts, but like many free form crochet projects, I’ll set it down on the back burner, as I devise ways to bring to life what I have in mind.

france roof

France roof

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