I’m writing this to you near the end of June. I can’t believe its the summer already, and so much has transpired. Everything that was part of my design fell apart, because a war erupted at the home front. I wont bore you with the details.

Let’s talk about happier things, and let me show you some crochet I’ve been working on.

  1. Underbust/ Top in Brown with Military Style Buttons. Unfortunately, I’m all out of the rich dark brown. I’ll have to order some soon.

steampunk style underbust

2. r2-d2 baby hat : while thinking alot about my target audience and asking myself “Who buys my stuff?” I thought that this could be a best seller. Plus it’s in the affordable price range.


3. stash buster – i have so much yarn, now organized in a beautiful baroque organizer. Even my boyfriend was impressed – having the day before complained about the messy chaos that hung all over the shelves: shoe boxes, papers, a crate full of yarn. I threw away a lot of tangled yarn. And i thought cupcake purses would look so cute:

cupcake purse

4. Here’s some sexy cuffs with an open crochet pattern. This goes along my urges to make some leg warmers and even a crochet garter skirt. I call them my Game Master Gloves.

Picture 182