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Picture 196

I’ve always free formed my poke balls, risking none of them being made exactly the same.  The poke ball is the perfect throwing size, what I imagine a snowball weighs in my hands. What is the circumference of a pokeball? I looked up a pattern for the perfect sphere. A transportation device for your pokemon, the hardest part was figuring out when to change colors.

Free Sphere Pattern



Picture 195


I almost gave up towards the end, believing it was too big and another fail. (My last one looked like a pill.) I have spent the last 3-4 hours creating pokeballs, hoping that the outcome would merit the realistic, classic pokeball.

I still think its slightly too big, a size smaller and it’d be perfect.Also out of poly-fill. I’m closer now to findng the perfect formula, my goal is to crochet 4 perfect pokeballs today.

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