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I found the free free pattern:


and it just so happened that I had the aqua and navy colors. “I do not see coincidence. I only see providence.” (Morpheus, Matrix.) I dove right in. The pattern starts off with Wolfdreamer’s body/head parts. To be honest, I was tempted to edit her pattern so its easier to understand. The 4.25 mm hook felt unfamiliar, so accustomed to 3.75mm.

It doesn’t’ specify which end your starting from, and an hour later, when it comes to the decreases I ended up improvising to keep the stitch count. (Don’t do that. I hope you have the courage to start over.) I got to finish it. I hope it turns out cute!

10 minutes pass and my brain clicked. I worked faster. I had all the pieces, spent the next day sewing it together. The collar and ears are my own, (the other blogger’s pattern was confusing) I should’ve written my pattern down.

3 days later…

I bought an X-ACTO  knife and carefully cut the angles for the eyes. The eyes were the most important part. I also struggled a lot with the head, I was not in favor. I admit I messed up, and I also needed more of a “neck” because I wanted Vaporeon to stand  upright. I wish I had used wires. I debated using fishing line.


Here she is, finished for the most part. You can still see some pins & some scragglies that need to be fastened off. I couldn’t wait to show someone.


What do you think? 🙂 ❤