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I have been on etsy less than a year. Every month I set a goal: try to beat last month’s stats.

There’s a lot I’ve picked up on: the value of a shop name and the “story” for your shop, finding your target audience, shipping strategy, and marketing on social media. I look to other shops to see their community and online presence.

Here are a few etsy shops I come back to, because I admire their passion. Each artist also has their own “feel” and they all dab in the gypsy realm. I also include a crochet artist who lavishes in the digital world of video games. When I make things for my shop, I try to make things that are personal to me, not a carbon copy of something else. I try to create something original, something that I would swoon over.

Of Mars


Darby and Cikity


Crocodile Smile Shop


And I actually just found this shop today<3 Which I love because the fan base is so huge, there are so many loyal followers on this page.

Cosmic Sun


When I go through my favorite artists, I’m reminded that I need to post MORE pictures on facebook. And I’m also wondering, what I DO sell – I don’t just sell “alternative” newborn photo props (star wars inspired, dragon ball z inspired, sloth, etc) – I also sell amigurumi, or when someone asks me “The japanese art of knitting and crocheting animals” and I’ve also dabbed in my own crochet crop top designs.



For months I’ve debated a new name for my shop. And another thing is the OVER PROMISING. I must enjoy shooting myself in the foot.

I admire these shops because I also imagine the free time it takes to produce. Apart from working a full 40 hours a week, I must clock in at least 2 or 3 hours a day devoted to crochet. And keep this a secret, sometimes I resent the time it takes, because I want results fast. I expect fast results and quality work – and I know custom orders expect more. I also resent it because while I’m hurrying to finish one project, my mind can drift to several other side projects: maybe some jewelry I’m putting together, or a science fiction book, or my desire to reach level 10 on LOL.

I always come to crochet though because deep down, crochet gives me the courage to feel beautiful. I haven’t learned how to use a sewing machine, but I adore making my own tops, and now I’m learning to make my own bottoms. I also love turning something I love into something tangible: Zero the ghost dog, Cyndaquil, the adorable cowboy boots, and a bunch of other things I’ve never put in my shop – bow headbands, roses, blankets, dreamcatchers, mandalas, bags….I’ve always got something on my hook.

The Emerald Stitch