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I’m chewing on these words, but I have to admit – as excited as I am to do these custom orders, I have the desire to do some things for myself. There was a lot of heat this week as I attempted to get Vaporeon, a great ball, and Luna the sailor moon cat out by Friday. (Started the previous Friday.)

Picture 206


Now I have a new batch of orders: finish Zero the Ghost Dog, the order of 3 pokeballs, and decoding the rasta bikini bottoms.

The shop needs a make over.

I am thinking of sitting with something for myself. I wrote down a Wishlist of all the things I’d like to crochet for myself. Maybe someone can make me something for my birthday coming up in November!!

Rainbow Laptop Cover


“You’re a poptart!” Cell Phone Case


Fish Bones Book Mark

bones bookmark

Sliced Apple Coasters

apple coasters