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The fall is beckoning with caramel swirls and burgundy kisses. It was a sobering thought that the fiery summer was almost over. I day dreamed about hot chocolate, Batman movie nights, and hearty dinners, followed by sweet desserts and romantic candles. I wanted nothing more than to be drowning in love before it slipped like sand between my fingers.

Over the past few days I have pondered what I want to cultivate. I needed to let go of my past and stop giving in to the negativity, I needed to just go in the direction my heart was leading me in.

I am excited with the new direction my shop is going, and I took time off from my work on orders and finished my pop tart cell phone case.

Very satisfying and quick – I absolutely love this thing and when I see it I crave those sugary sweet brownies.

Picture 221

Picture 223


To help me focus on what I want to achieve, I started making a dream board. I picked some pictures from my pinboards that lingered. I asked myself these questions:


“Where do I want to be 5 years from now? How do I want to feel? How do I measure success?

“What were my childhood dreams, what did I think I’d be doing now that I wish I’d done? What provides the most meaning and purpose? What do I want to have in 5 years?’

Dream big. I knew that soon I needed to travel again, and that the mountains were calling my name.

I haven’t been writing this down, but every day I consciously think about 3 things I’m grateful for.

It’s already the middle of August, and I feel this rush to start making some character hats. I am challenging myself to make a Pokemon hat, a Star Wars hat, Batman hat – specifically, a Sylveon hat, a Twi’let hat, a Harley Quin Jester hat – but there isn’t a free pattern for Harley Quin so I have a few problems, like how to switch the 2 colors red and black for the design. And for Sylveon, i’m just going to take a stab at making some ears and maybe I might not to a hat, I’ll do a scarf inspired by Sylveon. I’m caught between making a R2D2 beanie, and a twi’lit hat or Ewok hoodie.

I was thinking about doing a rework for all these fandoms using my trusted bow design from last year:


Like a headband inspired by Sylveon’s bow. It’d be nice to have some of my work in a shop downtown again!


I already have most of Sylveon’s hat finished. I’ll post pictures later this week.

Please visit my etsy shop and give it a big favorite! Right now I only have one item in stock, I’m kind of taking a little break from customs.

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