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For the New Year, blogger from Frayed Knot asked what were our crochet resolutions. I think I commented “I’d like to be able to read diagrams.” Last night I asked myself how I can make the best of these last few months. I’ve made so much progress with my obsession. Now, I can look at something and create my own diagram, or picture. I wasn’t in the mood to work on my last order, which still had one week to go and was already 1/3 done, I felt confident I could work two hours tonight and finish on Sunday.

Picture 227

I noticed how I was uninterested in picking up the hook for Zero, but I couldn’t resist using what I had on hand – to make a character hat. Hats are not my forte, but it’s been raining in this corner of Texas for a week straight.

I also wanted to take a break from amigurumi – in a few short weeks, I pumped out Vaporeon, pokeballs, Luna, a poptart, Zero the Ghost dog and also a laptop case and swiffer mop head.

Right now, I just want to experiment. I had all the ideas on how to make Sylveon, plus alot of pink cotton yarn, and I had to try. This would be something unique to add to my etsy shop, if it comes out perfect!


Sylveon is not finished! I had to frog the hat after I made it – gahhh I don’t know how I messed up, all I know is that that it was too big, and even the second time, it didn’t feel “tight”. And also, the ears are my own pattern and I’m not sure how they’ll stick straight up. Maybe I need to rethink the ears – and work them where I’d stuff them with poly fill.

I’ll add the ribbon trails and blue eyes and a black nose, and hopefully not have to re-work the ears and I can innovate a way to keep them perky.

I’ve been trying to make “Studio Time.” I’ve already changed the fengu sui in my office and I notice that I work best early in the mornings, with a cup of coffee, just like I used to do when I was a writer. I’m tempted to reach out to other Etsy shop owners who sell crochet ami – and inquire how they balance their orders with their personal.

I’ll come back to this post to update later! Sorry no patterns written on the ears.