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A few on these lists I’ve completed, like the basket and swifer mop head. Then there’s a few things, like the rug and flats I covet. I was also going to wait to post this because I wanted to showcase my own, original crochet pieces.

Except, this blog is a neat portal where I can show you some projects I can’t wait to work on. I also love hearing feedback, and reading blogs daily is something I do when I want to relax. My focus on crochet has shifted to a business-type mindset, and these are some things I would like to sell locally. (All my sales are through facebook and etsy. I admire artists that vend too, and would love to have my crochet brand like a cool skate company. Edgy, feminine, functional, simple.

8 House Hold Crochet Items


  1. Cotton Washcloths

2. Swifer Mop Head – This really works! I have all hard wood floors, so I had to use a lot of those refills to clean a whole area.






3. Crochet Drawstring Pouch – as a server, I made a lot of these so we can put our change in ๐Ÿ™‚ This one is my own picture, i used a mysterious golden mermaid charm (she’s playing the harp), and added spiral shells. I’ve made so many of these, great stash busters and gifts.


4. Simple Basket – I made one to put all our Magic the Gathering cards with sparkly metallic purple yarn in acrylic. I want to make some larger ones, for laundry. (With T-shirt yarn)

crochet rug

5. Rug – I haven’t had the time to look for patterns in depth, but definately something to liven up a room and create space.


mary jane slippers

6. Slippers – this style in patricular is the one i came across that actually got me wanting to make some, and also, not wanting to spend the money on something I’ll just wear around the house.


7. Wall Organizer – There are lots of simple examples, but I love saving space and living small, vertical storage is essential.

market bag

The Best Market Bag Pattern

8. Market Bag – I’ve been meaning to make these since I walk now to the store and I’m being more earth friendly. (I don’t drive a car any more, I work from home, and I’ve decided some major changes are coming this Fall, and I wish I could head up North badly.

I have a new Etsy Strategy I’m working on, in hopes that it’ll provide enough revenue for a vaction. Part of me thinks moving back to Gainsville, Florida is a good idea.