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I didn’t want to confess this to my lovely readers, but since April every month has been cruel. My relationship has been torn asunder and right now the future is as uncertain as ever. Not only has my relationship suffered, but my bank account’s savings have been depleted. These changes have taken a negative impact on my financial security, and I’m trying to catch up on bills while keeping my dirt bag dreams of freedom.

I came to this blog to make an affirmation not place blame. I definitely feel burned out trying to figure out my shop’s look. I’m in love with the crochet etsy shops that I mention in this post, and want to add items in my shop that are personal and unique, items that tell a story.


Someone was nice enough to post this from one of the Etsy workshops into our Etsy support group. The tips here remind me to take a step back, breathe, clear my head, and I took all the listings off instead one, my Zero the Ghost Dog. On second thought, I listed everything, because I read that it’s best to have at least 10 items. Except I don’t want to focus on amigurumi – I don’t want to take custom orders for amigurumi. I don’t mind selling the ami that I create, and I love hearing suggestions, but I wanted to sell items that aren’t so time consuming.


This chart was in the comments so I downloaded it. It does seem very time consuming just to even think this process through. It was great pleasure making crochet crop tops and seeing girls model them. Except, creating custom tops also has its downsides: making a best fit. I only feel comfortable making tops in a size small, so I can use my own body as reference.


And then I think about my start last year. It all began with selling headbands and wrist warmers to my friends at work, and because I was a waitress in the most popular restaurant in town, I had lots of requests from local folk.

I’ve thought for months about renaming my shop. My inspiration comes from sci-fi, video games, retro, literature, mixed with girlishness. I jotted down words that describe my shop’s style: alternative/techno/nerdy.  I asked myself what colors & fonts match my style? Shades of blue, brown, greens, metallics, and reds. I am lost in communication – what did I want to say about my crochet brand?

I wish this came naturally to me. It did just occur to me that I am trying too hard, and that I need to just be myself.

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