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Shoeboxes store my warm winter scarves that I made last year – I totally need to take better pictures of Anthony in his camo scoodie and I here’s a picture of the scarf I made on my trip to Florida last Christmas.

edited af

I also have a wooden fruit crate with unfinished projects. A starburst blanket awaits for more teal, to join-as-you-go the squares. Alice in Wonderland inspired leggings. A mermaid drawstring bag. A gothic crochet crop top. A gorgeous mustard chunky infinity scarf.

Screenshot 2016-08-23 22.08.05

I need to set aside time to complete these. The sparkly black top above was a size too large for me, and i couldn’t figure out how to shape it the way I imagined it. Surrounded by ideas for my etsy store, I wanted to spend as much energy as I had on creating items that sell. (There would be time for experiments.)

Also, there’s a link with creativity and production. I anticipate a new pattern or using nice yarn. I also find that I need the color – sometimes there’s this want to crochet using different shades of cool, and tinkering with stitches. I get bored using a single crochet throughout the whole pattern.

Picture 219

I’ll have Zero finished and shipped on Friday. I unfortunately got carpel tunnel and haven’t crochet much.