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van gogh

Inspired by Kansas, I’m making a granny square halter top. I shipped off my last orders this week, and for hours I browsed pinterest for crochet shrugs and boleros. I stumbled upon Van Gogh sunflower paintings, and fell absolutely in love. There is a quartet of his sunflower paintings on pin. The artist Gauguin in Arles painted Van Gogh as The Painter of Sunflowers. I felt immediately transported to a stretched field of tall sunflowers. I could feel the golden light in my eyes from the hot Kansas sun.

I went to my yarn stash to see what I had on hand and underneath skeins I found cluster stitch star burst squares, inspired by flowers: lilies, poppies, and sunflowers.


Here’s my top so far.

I encouraged myself to use scraps.



There isn’t time to come up with my own sunflower pattern – what I had in mind are longer petals – but I think this is okay. Right now, the tricky part is figuring out how to make it tie in the back.

Something on my mind lately is that I want my shop to have items I’d wear personally, and things I’ve already made. I really want to get out more. I’m behind the screen a lot, and with this harvest upon us, I can’t stop dreaming about traveling to Colorado, or Oregon, or back to Hayfork, California. I wanted to go swimming with my sister and her friend and Ginnie Springs in Florida.


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