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The baby blue legwarmers I’m wearing now have become a crowd favorite, but since then have kept my hands busy with different side projects. There’s never enough of the color I need to finish an idea. I keep miscalculating measurements and stitches. It’s the pressure of having an Etsy store. What to do in this creative rut?

When I’m in a crochet frenzy, its easy to see: I immediately pick up the yarn and possibility and quickly work until the idea is out of my mind and into my hands. Then there are times when my mind is restless and I don’t know what I should start on. I got a little carried away with that ribbed stitch.

Sometimes what helps is to try a pattern that is quick to finish. I recommend this video tutorial for drawstring bags or this cute tutorial for heart scrubbies. I made mine using Lily Sugar And Creme in baby blue cotton. I finished in 10 minutes and perfect to exfoliate my dried and itchy skin.

Ill also draw inspiration from around me. The last photograph is something that is for sale in one of our groups, where we exchange threads and handmade goods. I’ve had this obsession with roses and I think it started with the beautiful cover of Alice Hoffman’s Green Angel.