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I noticed my lack of sleep may be connected to my obsessive impulse to constantly check all 6 of my social media sites. Now that I time my crochet projects, I’ve measured my focus. Clearly, I’m easily distracted. I know one of my goals this month was to increase my views on Etsy, but I feel like its counter productive to spend so much time bumping posts so facebook group members click them, or liking or commenting on Instagram photos, not to mention FOMO. I created a facebook group called “Etsy Journey” that I hope will fill up this year with beautiful Etsy stores, and people who love supporting small business – without the spam.

I want to step up my crochet game and regain focus. Every month I jot down 3 Achievable Goals for Etsy & 3 Financial Goals. These are usually written throughout my notebook as a reminder that what I need to be working on every day is a step to accomplishing those larger self-concordant goals. While planning activities, I always keep in mind what provides the most meaning and pleasure on a scale of 1 – 5. Some activities you can’t avoid, like work – but you can make it more meaningful, say, by having an office flower or even a happy photograph or motivational quote. You also want to plan activities that will help you accomplish your larger, long-term goals.

Mood Boards, wall art, the feng- shui of your environment, or vision boards are a very effective tool for me. Creating positive space and moving negative and stagnant energy in your home is vital for your mental health and creativity flow. I’d like to print out”8 Things I Love” Week, where I print images that resonate with me, or inspire me, or a vision of what I want – like a yoga back bend or a get-away to Colorado. It’s also fun to cut the paper into shapes and make collages.

The idea of Progress Reports came to me a very long time ago when I read Flowers for Algernon. In it, the science- fiction story is told in progress reports from the main character. This is where I’ll reflect on what projects I’m working on, confess failures or imperfections, and make daily affirmations. This post is also inspired by the thought that I want more time to read more, and combining audio books with crochet will help me do that.

I think its best to leave the Progress Reports to once a week, and then in the mornings write my daily To – Do List, and take a few minutes to see where it fits in my Google Calendar. I love to crochet in the early mornings. I’d like to pick up yoga again. I also must devote myself to maintaining a healthy diet and eating more greens and drinking purified water.

On a last note, what has been on my mind recently has been obstacles or thoughts that sell myself short. This is a time to regain focus and increase productivity. Increased productivity equals increased happiness. What is standing in your way of achieving your vision for yourself? What do you want to cultivate for the new year? I’d like to incorporate more time also to pampering myself over the winter with delightful scented candles and sage burnings, and massage treatments and pedicures.

I’m using an old-fashion composite notebook for my progress reports, crochet patterns, and to – do lists. On my blog I’ll usually post my Goals of the Month, and this month being almost over, I think I managed to achieve my Etsy Goals, at least. (I haven’t been faithfully keeping up with EveryDollar.) I have 10 listings in my shop, I tried getting 30 views a day, and I’ve made more than I did the previous month.