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In a cigar box at my parent’s tucked away underneath years of my childhood is a gorgeous collection of tumbled and rough gemstones and rocks. I like the idea of having intentional rituals, enjoy reading stories about myths, and feel like we are all connected like a web. A few months back, I was wandering the town feeling blind and wounded and on my way back I found a rose quartz. It’s pink essence was so heartwarming and hopeful to look at I picked it up immediately and took it home. Only now have I discovered that it is a powerful healing crystal and restores weakened hearts. It is a symbol of love, I look back and think that someone with intention put it there. I put it in a wooden chest box but would always come back to it, pick it up and feel instantly peaceful.

I thought I’d share with you my NEW collection of gemstones. I hope I can add some more. I am currently seeking amethyst. I read the story of Bacchus, who’s tiger attacked Amethyst on her way to see Diana, and Diana turned her into a amethyst stone. Bacchus poured wine over her.



I’m sorry these images are so blurry! My camera used to take good close up so I don’t know what happened. There’s a blue geode, citrine, amber, and amethyst. Also not shown in this picture is a collection of raw jade.

Follow my blog for an update when I collect more – I’d like to get more amethyst and onyx. I think i’ll be adding more spirituality blog posts like this on my crochet blog. The candles are still burning, it’s time to relax and enjoy this day of thanks and good harvest.