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There was a long time between custom orders but as soon as the holidays hit my friends requested some amigurumi. I timed myself while I made Eeyore and Stitch. There was a free pattern for stitch on Ravelry: Stitch . (Eeyore was translated from this Spanish video/pattern. . According to my Stitch time sheet, I lost track after 10 hours of work. Crocheting the parts, pinning them until they were in the perfect spot, and sewing them together took patience and attention to detail. There was a lot of stitches for Stitch and looking back I still can’t believe how I finished this guy the week after I finished Eeyore.

These will make great gifts for Christmas, as these are some of the beloved characters for a mom and sister. I LOVE having the chance to be apart of something so heartwarming. Eeyore has to be one of my favorite amigurumi stuffed animals that I made this year 2016. (Second to Vaporeon.)  I am thinking that if I can get 100 followers here on Heart of the Healer (I think right now we are around 40) I will start a YouTube or Twitch creative channel where I  make these projects live.

Since this morning, I have been working on and off for my last amigurumi project of the year, listening to music from Beethoven to Lana Del Rey.  This commission is a Christmas gift for a 24 year old man with cerebral palsy and autism. This purple dinosaur also taught me my ABC’s, please and thank- you.

Can you guess who my next project is?