This is a post I published 4 years ago on my old blog, “The Quest for an Abundance in Sunshine.” I wanted to share this with a friend who is interested in learning, maybe!

The Quest for an Abudance in Sunshine


MTG – for nerdy eyes only

Magic the Gathering is the first trading card game played by 12 million players in 2011. (Wiki)

I was hooked by the eloquent art work. Imagine a multiuniverse where you resurrect glorious lands covered in volcanic mountains or islands, you are a PLANES WALKER, summoning creatures and casting spells to gain victory!!

Today I’ll provide you a deck so you can start winning duels. I’m going to tell you about what you’ll see on the card, the phases in a turn, the different types of cards and colours, and show you how combat damage is calculated. Stay with me lovelies, there is so much excitement in this classy trading card game.

The Different Colors & Card Types 

There are (5) colors representing the land types you control. Black for swamp. Black cards are about destruction, sacrifice, winning at all costs. White for plains. White

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