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I have to take a break from crocheting because the muscle in my right forearm ached. My boyfriend plays League of Legends and one of the characters is Ahri. This champion is a charming 9-tailed fox and inspired my next crochet project: the kitty cat ear warmers. I made them in black, magenta, and the fox ones which are now in my shop.


I spent a long time deciding what pattern to use. I decided to use the one from the Cheshire Crochet Tutorial – I had made the hood last year. For the textured black ear warmer, I used the Free Pattern for the Moss Stitch Earwarmer.I searched for hours and came across a few other patterns for cat ears ( like this one cheshire cat headband free pdf.)- I’d really like to make them more 3-D so I made my own pattern at the bottom.  This is straight out of my notebook so there’s bound to be a few errors! For the inner ear I simply used a hook two sizes smaller than the one for the outer ear. Also consider the type of yarn you’re using. Post any questions in the comments and I promise to help the best I can.

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Kitty Cat Cosplay or “Realistic” Ear Pattern

Ch. 13

Outer Ear [J/6 mm]

Inner Ear [G/4.25 mm]

  1. SC in each ST across, CH 1 and turn. (12)
  2. SC in each ST across, ch 1 and turn (12)
  3. INV DEC, SC in each ST across until the last 2 stitches, INV DEC (10)
  4. SC in each ST across ch 1, turn (10)
  5. SC in each ST across ch 1, turn (10)
  6. INV DEC, SC each ST across until the last 2 stitches,INV DEC ch 1 and turn (8)
  7. SC each ST across ch 1 and turn(2x)
  8. INV DEC, SC in each ST across, INV DEC ch 1 and turn
  9. INV DEC, SC, SC,INV DEC, ch 1 and turn (4)
  10. 4 SC ch 1 and turn
  11. 2 DEC ch 1 and turn
  12. 1 DEC ch 1 and turn

ch 1. turn your work and SC around the triangle. You’ll repeat this step twice around the cat ear.