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This is the crochet cat hoodie I made using Nadia’s free pattern for the Cheshire Cat Hoodie. I made it for myself and spent $45 on the yarn but the pattern was for someone not as tiny as me! I am 5 ft 2 inches and I’m naturally skinny so it feels pretty big on me, yet I can still wrap it around myself. Its so soft.  I love the colors of the yarn, the dallas grey and the baby blanket soft blue. It’s only been worn to model in and available in my Etsy store. Perfect for the fierce female type.

A lot of new things are coming for my Etsy store and I’m so excited! Learning to sew my tags, cute packages, and giveaways so stay up to date on Instagram.

Please follow if you’d like more back to scenes look at my Etsy store. If I reach 100 followers then I’ll start making Youtube videos on how to make cute amigurumi plushies and maybe even just vlog about video games and books.