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This topic has been on my mind every day this year 2016! I think I owe it to myself to come up with something already. I had to remind myself that I wasn’t selling crochet, I was selling japanese style fashion garments. Heart of the Healer was too long. It was spur of the moment, I literally was creating my profile while I was leveling up my alchemy skill in Skyrim. There was a healing potion I made and it just fit. I have not come up with a name yet, but I need to I am anxious to buy some branding supplies and the need for tagging my work with a label is hard to ignore.

If you have any suggestions or know any helpful links, feel free to comment below. Here are some of my thoughts as I try to conjure a business name:


What fonts and colors best portray your story? What are you looking for? What would you like to see? Who are you trying to attract? How can you communicate your style?


Also how do I sew on my logo like the picture above? Read more on ribbon transfer. Create a budget to invest in the shop for January.

I am basically up past my bed time answering this self-interview dialogue and hopefully will have an answer in the morning.