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Over a month ago I watched an anime called “Shingeki-no-bahamut-genesis.” Only 22 episodes long – this was the ideal weekend binge. There are demons, angels, knights – and it made me laugh and cry. Highly recommend it if you’re into fantasy, and you can read on I promise no spoilers.


Jeanne d’ Arc appears on screen in paladin-armor on a decorated royal horse. She has fierce faith in her Gods and in the arc angel Michelangelo. Everything she says is powerful and strong, and she is a skilled warrior. I’ll post this video, but I surprisingly watched this in English. Shingeki – no- bahamut , Genesis has a lot of momentum but I did feel like it skipped something near the end. I also learned that this is merely the story of when Jeanne d’ Arc helped protect the God Key and retrieve Amira. I found out there is a PSP game with her and I think a whole other story line for her. It’ll be cool to find other stories with her. Let me know if you’ve heard about this, your thoughts. Any anime I recommend is the best I promise! I hope you enjoy this scene I picked out<3

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