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It’s the beginning of a new week and the start of a new year. There are twelve months ahead to start over, begin again, and chase after our dreams with new energy. It is time to start listening to the beat of my own drum. I have put hours of thought into how my creations will be packaged, created a new pattern for cat ear warmers, and now it’s all come down to choosing a new name. We buy handmade because it’s a treasure, to support someone’s dreams of going to school or getting a home, we buy handmade to get closer to the styles that make you YOU. There’s magic in leg warmers that took hours/weeks to make. When blacksmiths forged swords, the owners of the swords believed that part of the blacksmith’s soul was imbued there. Japanese sword making is considered a sacred art, and in Siberia and central Asia, the blacksmith is closely related to a shaman. Crochet is an old art born out of knitting, and there’s archeological evidence that it dates back to 11th century in Egypt. “One of the earliest legends of knitting, or weaving, is the story of Penelope from Homer’s Odyssey. While her husband Odysseus was off fighting the Trojan War, she fended off lovestruck suitors with a bargain: she would choose a new husband when she finished weaving a shroud. She then wove the shroud by day and undid it by night, delaying her answer until Odysseus finally returned.” (source: the history of knitting)  There is something spiritual and raw taking strings into my hands and making 3d garments.

Creating beautiful clothes helps build my self-esteem so much. I used to feel so unlovable, but most of my customers have already shopped again in my store. When this blog reaches 100 followers (half way there) I’ll start posting Youtube videos on how to make your own amigurumi.  It is amazing that I get to make something that people love so much.


You can shop now for these fox ear warmers, or request a custom pair of ear warmers at my Etsy.