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I’ve been on a nostalgic kick lately. After admitting on facebook that I wish more people played Magic (MTG or Magic the Gathering) I received a few comments about playing Yu-gi-oh. I was taken aback that there is such a rivalry between the two – they’re both fun! I got up every Saturday morning at 5:30 to watch the new episodes, and again at 7. My dog is named Yu-gi-oh. I wish we could turn back time.


I binged watched a whole bunch of episodes and fell asleep watching them. I couldn’t remember the last time I felt so relaxed. I gasped when Seto Kaiba tore Yu-gi’s grandpa’s Blue Eyes White Dragon. Then I remembered all my Yu-gi-oh cards, my God cards, and countless figurines, The Movie, and even a How-To-Play DVD. The Blue Eyes White Dragon was personally something I loved drawing on my binders, I mean look at that picture you can imagine the terror! The power of THREE Blue Eyes White Dragon!! I’ve had the ultimate pleasure of seeing a gorgeous rare collection of Yu-gi-oh cards by an avid player and I gotta say, the trading game looks like it has come very far. I’d like to indulge in the game or maybe even put together a deck. I’d consider crochet trades for Yu-gi-oh cards.