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I decided why not? I’ll write a brief post containing Etsy shops that are advertising correctly on Instagram. Then below, I’ll post 3 Tips to Gain More Organic Followers. I hope you enjoy my list of crochet, knitt, and jewelry Etsy stores. The best part about buying off Etsy is finding unique items that are one of a kind! I am also a firm believer that Instagram is a system designed for iPhones, so it’s vital to have one if you want a successfuly Etsy store on instagram. It’s all about the photos. Also don’t forget to follow me on Instagram!!!

1. The Hook Nook



2. The Sleepy Jane Show


3. Witchy Stiching


4. A Chain Of Events


5.Lark & Laurel


6. Thebronzehoneybee


7. Callistojewelry


8. sweetsummerboutique



I have a huge collection of jewelry, and I’ll be parting with some to make room for newer pieces I connect with. I’m debating selling my jewelry and closet on my Etsy. (I’ll let people trade me clothes for crochet, but not all the time do these beautiful clothes fit.) Or I might just sell it only on Instagram to see how successful selling thrift on Instagram is. I don’t care to make  a profit from my clothes more than really making room for the most updated version of myself.


Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @heartofthehealer! I don’t have a lot of followers, but so far these tactics have helped. Do you have anything you’d like to share that helped you get followers? Comment below!

1. Post Engaging, Click- Bait Photographs – make sure you are using as many relevant hashtags as you can, and only beautiful photographs. You also want to keep it short and simple, and inviting by adding a sentence or two. The Sleep Jane Show introduces her to her work space, the materials involved, and a classic bohemian atmosphere. On Etsy’s Instagram, you’ll notice the minimalist theme that is popular with Etsy buyers.

2. Follow Similar Shops & Participate in Shout Outs –I was against this at first but it’s effective. Other shop owners can be very supportive and even interested in your work. I have purchased from @thebronzehoneybee and want to buy from the @sweetsummerboutique and look at other geeky jewelry. (Like the League of Legend’s Leona shield necklace or The Golden Snitch bracelet.) Shout Outs are planned events where a bunch of shops share your link on their page among a list of other shops – and every one comments and follows, resulting in a lot of followers really fast. I have yet to launch a giveaway. (I’m waiting until I reach 500 followers)

3. Share The Love – i’ve read posts about success on Instagram where someone buys something from your shop, and shows it off on their Instagram tagging you in their picture. A few weeks after following this lovely mom @ogbthreads she got an order from the steampunk model Kato Punk!! (I also have plans of having her make me some custom bellbottoms.) I’ve done trades with two shops, @sillyjilly710 and @lunas.emporium and I’ve picked up followers from when they shared something I made for them in a trade. You can also investigate finding promoters to share your work to hundreds of others.