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I have that emptiness you get after the anime you’ve been religiously watching is over. I re-watched Attack on Titans (The new season is coming!) Holy shit I forgot how incredible that anime was. You can tell by now that I love that edgy, dark anime and Attack on Titans is so good. I forgot what happened in the beginning and I was in tears. (I cry every day.) Then I stumbled on another anime, a horror sci-fiction called Parasyte.


Go watch that if you’re a fan of Death Note. It opens up to metal music too! I planned on writing a quirky post for Parasyte, due to there being so much blood. Should I say anything about what it’s about? I always read reviews and I find the difficult part about writing reviews is keeping the reader’s attention, and describing something without spoiling it.

It’s fast paced, only 24 episodes.  I finished it in two days. At first I was embarrased a little with my taste in anime: a parasyte takes over the right arm of a 17 year old high school student, Shinichi. This bond is born out of the need to survive – Migi and Shinichi are, like Migi said, “two enemies forced to become allies.” But in the end you become pretty attached to Migi.

Our protagonist is a nervous, four eyed well behaved student and it’s full of funny moments in the begining – especially as Shinichi gets used to having a parasyte on his arm and Migi’s learning more about this species.  They also run into more of Migi’s kind – these are parasytes that have managed to take control of the human brain, and feed off other humans.

Shinichi reminded me that we’re only human. As the story progresses, Shinichi becomes apathetic, distant, and emotionless. I also need to throw in there the girls that all had it for Shinichi – one of them borderlines on obsessive/stalkerish, and the one Shinichi loves I’m surprised she even is committed to the relationship for so long! She’d always cared about him, but he is so cold hearted and like stone and she just tanks it for him. I was mad at this at first, frustrated that he didn’t reveal the truth to the person he loved (not trying to mention names) but it was because he was always trying to protect her. Loving her was the part that kept him human, in a sense.

Extremly graphic, slice and dice, the body if infected will morph –

should I say any more?

I enjoyed the soap opera romance. It felt like the meaning was muddled between the value of all life forms – like at the very end, he changes his mind and decides to kill a fucking terrible parasyte I mean at the end there, he is thinking too hard about survival and humanity.  Our gift is that, unlike animals and other monsters, we have the ability to feel emotions like compassion. I also thought that they were going to do more with the dad but he just sat in the background drinking whiskey.

I really want to crochet an amigurmi Migi! It could be my chance to play with felting techniques. There are some cute Migi products I searched google for so tempted to buy a Migi plushie.