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I just shipped my first international order! Yay! My neighbor’s mom passed away around Christmas, and I decided to randomly knock on his door one night to say hello, and I ended up staying to play Call of Duty. He appreciated my company, I suppose and gave me a 16 gal bin full of yarn. There were 40 skeins of yarn, and also work in progress afghans and tons of granny squares. I’m so happy to have been blessed with this loot crate. I plan to make lots of pretty things with this yarn for 2017. Even though my etsy shop has been slow, and I’ve withdrawn from Facebook and Instagram, I’ve been wanting to get back to crochet and work on the art of crochet, not just filling orders. I got so much red! But I have trouble seeing it by itself – i’ll probably combine red, green, and brown, or with black. I admit, sometimes I steal from tops I wish I had so instead of buying them I create one instead. (Coming Up: After weeks of hoping a journal would surface that I could buy, I decided I will also make my own Harry Potter inspired one. That won’t be for another post, as I’m buying leather from a seamstress that is converting to organic fabrics.)

Here are some styles I like to imagine, and plan to put my own touch to things. I also have a lot of pretty lavender that I am determined to make crop tops with.

Grunge Halter Top – the shape of this is pretty simple, and I want to make something like this in “antique gold” (a country tan cotton yarn). Then add a rose applique in the center. Or an eye. Illuminati confirmed.



Strappy Bralette Crochet Top – this is the one I made last year, with my friend E.M modeling it. The straps are an inch thick so it’s way more comfortable around your neck than a string. Wouldn’t it be nice to do one in red and black?



Corset Top – I have something like this in tan and I think it would look great in red, and a forest green with the string and edge part being brown.


Hippie Granny Square Crochet Top – here is one I made with lavender and rainbow yarn. These are made in pieces and I plan on adding some to the shop for Valentine’s Day. Maybe with hearts instead? White and red hearts?


There are so many unique ways to make crochet crop tops and bras. They were my favorite item last year to make, and I also have my own pair of pink rasta bikini bottoms. I haven’t been crocheting much in over 10 days, but hopefully things will pick up now that I have a cool dragon wall calendar.