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Love is in the air! Love for crochet tops that is! Have you thought about the summer yet? Last year I made a handful of tops that sold so I’d like to make more lovely creations. I have 3 tops from last year that I can list on Etsy – my corset underbust, my buttoned down baby pink top, and  a hot pink daisy chain top. (I also have some large granny square crop tops with Sunflower motifs) This year, I want to create something RED. In my post here I received a bag full of red granny squares. I have got to make top, but the combinations of granny square tops are limitless! Let me also input how hard it was just to pick a darn photo, there’s so many OOAK pieces. To make this list simple, I am excluding everything BUT crop tops – so you wont find granny square shorts or dresses here. Here’s what you can make with all those little granny squares:


“Jester” Top – This was my first thought that I could use coordinating red and black colors in this pattern to create a “jester” top.







Modern Hatler Top – This one is so versatile, and any level of crocheter can make one. I also see them all the time in old movies.SECOND PHOTO is by Of Mars, but another complication arises. I’ve attempted on of these in the same style, and it’s not the most secure garment – and the trick is to get the ties in the right place.



And of course how can I not add these timeless tops? I’m posting the ones I made last year. I made a lot of bralettes and these classic granny square tops.




I also crave a top for myself with some sleeves, and ruffles in the front, so I’m spending a few minutes each day drawing in my notebook. Another instagram shop I admired came out with these gorgeous long sleeved tops. They are so beautiful, and all her work is great. Check out Forever Wandering and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram too! Now to go work on my things, and lose myself in the process.


* * * Two Weeks Pass* * *


If you visit my Instagram, you’ll see an exclusive look at the crop top I created. This was born out of the need to want some crochet with a sweetheart neckline – and then these corset style crop tops came to be. I promise you haven’t seen anything like it! I’m up in the middle of the night, 1 am, because I’m so excited about this new release. I hope it brings me to my new shop name!