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It’s been a process every day after work learning more about the Kenmore sewing machine. One day I cleaned the dust and opened up compartments. The next day I inserted the needle. Today, I finally got over the hardest part: pulling the bottom thread up with your top thread.

I pressed the foot and fed the fabric to the machine. The other day I practiced on paper doing a straight line. I cut a piece of fabric that seemed to go with a graduation gown. (The person who sold me the machine gave me a huge trash bag of scrap fabrics.)

I figured it out, surprised after feeling like I was stuck on this spot. Does any one have any good sewing projects for beginners?

I can’t wait to take my crochet to the next level with my sewing machine. The one below was handsewn – that took hours. But they would look so good with my friend’s distressed bellbottom denim jeans and organic make up eye liner I found. You can check those products out and more organic products in my facebook group, Etsy Journey. It’s specifically for Etsy Sellers and Buyers, Supports of handmade art and organic clothing, recycled goods, flow props, crystals, soaps, make up.