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I never imagined all the photography work that goes behind an Etsy store. There is a lot of pressure to come with timeless, elegant photographs but I hardly ever use a camera. I am so shy in front of one. On Sunday, my day off, I scoured the neighborhood for a visually appealing spot to photograph my legwarmers. I climbed over floorboards of vines and fallen tree trunks to grab wisteria, hanging like grapes in the distance. Then I found some wisteria growing behind the abandoned asbestos house (that’s what I call the old place that will never sell across the street) and brought a mirror, hopping I can take a reflection of myself with the immortal flowers in the background. This was the first sign of spring! This was also my new iphone camera. Anthony, my husband, later came by to see what I was up to and saw me wrestling with flower vines and offered to get the right angle. He is an amazing photographer, and I really have a lot to learn. Even with a stellar camera, my pictures haven’t improved – I need to find better lighting, and a clean background. But here’s the legwarmers I have ready to ship in my etsy shop! https://www.etsy.com/listing/489933139/rib-knit-extra-long-ribbed-leg-warmers?ref=hp_rv Thank you so so so much for stopping by and supporting something I love so much. I’m about to have chocolate chip cookies in a bit so I hope everyone is having a lovely week so far!