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I haven’t written an anime post in a long time and I’m antsy for another anime. This one on adult swim I actually watched in English a few months back and I haven’t had time to post about it. It’s actually from the same illustrators as Cowboy Bepop.  I love bounty hunters and space exploration, and this one was so funny. I don’t like animes that make me feel uncomfortable, but this one was an exception! The writers were thoughtful in each episode. I adored Honey the waitress at Boobies, my favorite episode was probably when the robot fell in love with Coffee Maker. Yes, there is an adorable robot named QT and you’ll also love Meow. Although a comedy, there are some episodes that show deeper sides of the characters. The ending, everything came together like a Chuck Palanuik novel.

honey from space dandy

“Every booty deserves respect.” I think Dandy says that in the first episode. He just a dandy guy in space. I loved him in every episode.

They had a high school musical episode which I liked, because the ginger with the glasses was as awkward as me. I would recommend it, and something else I watched that is comedy but isn’t anime was Rick and Morty. Go watch it it is hilarious.