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I try to buy Etsy when I can – it’s always when I need something special, like a gift or something unique that you couldn’t buy in a store. I am a sucker for handmade jewelry, there’s something about it that draws me in. So what makes me come back to buy again? Handmade notes add a special touch, and I’ve gotten stickers and coupons – and if it feels like i’m opening a gift to myself, I’ll want to make another purchase when the timing is right. I’ll be the first one to say, Etsy is expensive. I know it’s handmade, I go there to support small business owners, but it is not affordable for everyone. But when you buy handmade, you’re supporting someone’s family directly.


My Etsy orders have been gift wrapped in tissue, tied together with twine or decorative ribbon. I always find handwritten notes, or a tea candle or cute stickers. I’ve also got tiny tumbled crystals, I always feel pretty good with my purchase when I get a cute rock to add to my collection.

I noticed that you want something that helps you stick out from other shops – Jasper n June help the bees, and I have bought from her shop twice. As an Etsy Owner, you’re package needs: cute wrapping, business cards, logo that communicates your style/brand, a little something that your customer can remember you buy, a handmade thank you note, care instructions (if needed), if you are making clothes, you need to think about sewing labels with your shop name on them. I’ve also started thinking about the box – and plan on ordering corrugated packaged boxes.


Every order has a matching yarn pom – pom. I snuggle the crochet bra or leg warmers with colorful lace ribbon, with matching tissue paper. There’s a thank you note scroll tied with a yarn bow, and my business card with a handwritten coupon code for their next purchase. I use heart stickers to close it, and put heart stickers on the address.


I’m missing a label for garment care, a logo. If you guys have been reading my blog, I’ve been trying to think of a different shop name. Here is what I’m leaning towards:


What do you think?

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