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I’m going to cut to the chase: Link was difficult. I spent a week looking at patterns on the internet and found an adorable Japanese pattern, it was a tiny chibi lookin’ Link. I could not understand that pattern at all – was so relieved when I remembered the Golden Jelly Bean. Her Link Sackboy is well written out, except I had to come undone, and start over on each part. Basically make him twice, because I kept messing him up. When I had him almost done, I showed my boyfriend who thought it looked awesome. He came back later to tell me it reminded him of Toon Link.


I found the pattern for Toon Link while trying to find shield and sword patterns.


I am so happy with how he turned out – I will post down below the modifications I did to his arms, the shield pattern, and his triangle hair pieces. I kept him for over 3 weeks, tweaking him out and admiring him. My husband made chain mail, a grappling hook, and a bow for him. The shield and sword both go on his arms. I also promised a video :


~ so here it is. I can’t promise I’ll have one of these videos all the time, but I do plan on doing one every time I make an amigurumi project. Please visit my shop: Heart of the Healer


With teal yarn.

38. Pick up 6 stitches where the arms should be.

39. 2sc in each sc.

40. Do 1sc in the back loops for the top 6 stitches. Do 1sc in the front loops for the bottom 6 stitches. Do all of this for two rows.

With white yarn.

41. 1sc in each sc in the back loops only.

42. 1sc in sc.

With brown yarn.

43. 1sc in each sc once

44. 1sc in next sc. 2sc in next sc. Do all of this for one row.

45. 1sc in sc.

46. **Do one row of brown yarn sc

With beige yarn

47. 1 sc all around

48. dec, sc, dec all around

start stuffing

49. dec until closed


I haven’t transferred the Shield Notes so comment below if you are working on this and would like the free shield pattern. For the hair, I looked up how to crochet triangles.