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sailor moon roses


I’m coming to the end of of the second season and there’s a theme that keeps coming up that brings a tear to my eye. It reminds me that I have a big heart and big hearts break easily. It’s that we can never ever give up. We have to keep out hearts strong. Our destiny is guided by whats in our heart.

Usagi’s light brings out the light in others. Sailor Mercury started to smile more. Sailor Venus stopped isolating herself so much. The  Pretty Moon Gaurdians (I’m watching the crystal version) become a formidable force against evil in the name of love and justice! My fell in love with this girl squad and their power.

I can relate to Usagi. She reminds me of what makes a good story – a character who you’d least expect to save the world. Someone who does bad in school and cries all the time and gets jealous. I never saw the original version, so when a lot of people were telling me that it wasn’t any good, I didn’t have those same judgements. Which I’m really glad I didn’t. When I read forums or hear from those who worshiped the original manga, you can really hear the disappointment.  I liked the gritty old feel of the older anime – I feel the same way about Dragon Ball. Although, I feel like those critics were harsh and I’m glad I made my own opinion. The Crystal version is great. I’m inspired to start drawing again, not to mention a revamp my room to incorporate more pastels and Sailor Moon inspired decor…





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