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sailor moon fan art

It was kind of hard to find things for my room that weren’t pink and frilly and shiny. What came to my mind first was a white and lavender girly room with floral accents and bows – however my inspiration specifically comes from the Moon Kingdom and Crystal Palace, not Usagi’s bedroom on Earth. Think what kind of things Queen Serenity would have in her castle. I have a lot of white and gold, and glass things in this post.

Last Fall I chose red and gold baroque curtains  for a rococo look. When I was growing up, my grandmother had a room with elaborate glass and porcelain figurines and she had pink and gold antique, French or Italian sofas. On the prowl, OBSESSED with finding one at a yard sale. Here are some things I found to put in my office/studio that were Sailor Moon inspired. (also keep in mind I want a hint of a travel theme, in my bedroom because I want to travel and get out more.)

Anniversary Clock

Found this gem. It cost me $24, probably the most I’ve spent at the vintage thrift store, The Curious Wren. It was shiny (check!) gold (check!) and it was a clock, which I needed any ways in my bedroom. One of my favorite Sailor Moon Guardians is Sailor Pluto, the guardian of time.

Millenium Crystals Candle Holders

silver crystal


Probably my favorite find. Tea candles are an every day use for me.  These resemble the Silver Crystals, a magical artifact and a source of immeasurable power. In the first season of Sailor Moon Crystal, it’s explained that the energy for the Silver Crystal comes from your heart.

DIY Rose White Board

diy board


I tried making a bullet journal but I found it very time consuming and messy, however it was a creative outlit, and it reminded me how I used to cut out magazine pictures and make collages.  What I did was create a Command Center, which is essentially the wall above my computer where I have my monthly appointments, my to-do lists, and I use this white board to jot down weekly projects, a daily affirmation, and a side bar where I have a Menu. I decorate my white board using fake roses, which reminds me of Tuxedo Mask.

DIY Crescent Moon Plate

cresent moon dish

This was black at first but I painted it white and colored in a yellow moon, outlined in gold glitter.

Chibi Usa Phone Case

rose white board

My lovely Pen Pal/ Etsy friend Joslynn made me 3 phone cases, 2 of them Pokemon themed and a Chibi Usa case. I love how its pink and girly, I know it not bedroom decor, but my phone needed a fresh look too!! I highly recommend heading over to my friends IG and ask her to make you something! She’s the sweetest being I’ve met so far and takes care of her one year old baby girl, who is nicknamed Evvee.



I honestly had like 5 other ideas I think I’ll save for another post. Don’t forget to follow, like, and comment if you want more content!