“Low-impact dyes.” I saw it often on organic handmade clothes.The ever-lasting store bought colors I discovered use toxic mordants harmful to the environment and a lot of water.

the colors in this collection were soft and personal to me. The baby blue consoled me. The petal pink color felt lovely. I have been working on my closet for over a year. (More on that later. Back to dyeing.) I wanted the colors I wore to feel natural, I feel like the natural patterns would soothe me.

Here is my process and what you need. I was not really sure what I was doing, it took me all day to make this small batch.

I used roses cut from the Park down the road and stored them in the freezer.

dying fabricc 1

My fabric was this vintage cotton fabric trimming. (I’m almost certain it’s cotton.) I soaked it in hot water for 10 minutes. I took a small bean pot I don’t use and boiled water at medium high.

dying fabric 2

 While the water boiled, I placed the petals one by one along the fabric, trying to cover every space. I took them right out of the freezer.

I rolled up it tightly, placed the petals to cover every space of fabric. 

Now, at first i tied it with green twine and just dumped it in the pot. (lol don’t do that you might cook the fabric, and i also don’t suggest green twine it will leave a mark) Tie it with a rubber band and place in the strainer. Place the strainer above the boiling pot of water. I used a paper plate to trap in the steam. I left it like this for one hour.

The bundle scrolls open revealing brown petals with a bruised purple tinge, melted like candle wax.

dying fabric 3

I repeated this same steaming technique with the rest of the petals (a total of one cup) I was impressed how beautiful the magenta color was. I did have a cup of roses to boil on its own, but I couldn’t figure out how to get the water not to boil and cook petals. I poured hot brownish – red water into a jar, studied it. I rolled the scroll of new petals and dipped it halfway, hoping for an ombre effect. Instead, it washed out the bottom edge of the color, leaving it cottage white.

 dying fabric 5

I love this piece of fabric so much. It’s best  seen in natural light.  I have this next project I want to dye and add a crochet edging.  Colors extracted naturally are full of magic. New life is brought back into old fabric. It was therapeutic too, out on a nature walk searching for color. I had so much fun and can’t wait to add plants into my life more.

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dying fabric 6

dying fabric 4