dying with apricot stones 3

dying with avocado stones 2


dying with apricot stones 4


dying with apricot stones 1

dying with avocado stones 5

I was dying for a blush pink hue. Avocado’s do not need a mordant, they naturally have tannin. Avocado stones stew on the lowest heat setting for a little over 2 hours…the clear water turns to a bight shade of peach. I added some water to compensate for the water that evaporated after 2 hours.

I left this on simmer from 9:47 pm – some where at 3 am. I turned off the heat and let it cool, dropping delicate vintage fabric into the aluminium pot. (Prep the fabric by washing under hot water and letting it cool.)

Did I mention how much I love apricots? I could devour baskets full of them. That apricot color was the result of 3 stones. I have so much that I filled a bottle of wine with this apricot color. I didn’t want to waste fresh dye so I looked for other white garments.

Both of these were thrifted at Goodwill. I found this book i want to read called Overdressed, which goes in depth about fast fashion. Today, I watched film travelouges of the 30’s before the War. The world has changed so much in such little time. I’ve picked up another ancient technique that inspired me to travel more and see the colors of the world.

I’m feeling confident in publishing my patterns in a zine. The Pretty Patterns has been on my conscious for over a year. Volume 1 “Gypsy Collective” will have my triangle bikini top and small bottoms, and an interview with a shop I admire (if i can work up the courage to do so). Vol. 2 of The Pretty Patterns is the “Self-Love Diet”, a recipe book of my personal meals that help me overcome depression and bad eating patterns/habits.